MCI has developed several and valuable engineering services. Although it has reputable background in many different aspects of transport infrastructure engineering, in particular it is expert in airports, roads (including F1/motorcycle circuits) and railways. In this regard the company offers a wide range of services, such as design, project review, supervision of works, asset management, global services, technical support to insurance companies, banks, investments funds, etc. for assets evaluation, for due diligence in assets merging and acquisition, risk assessment of projects and of contractors, risk and safety analysis, support in disputes (civil, administration and criminal), advisory and consultancy to industries and companies in technological innovation, facilities management modelling, support to contractors in technical problem solving and tenders application, etc.
The main activities that the MCI is operating in, are depicted in the following graph, and more detailed information about the services are expressed afterward.

(P-E) Engineering design Process
Research, Design requirements, Feasibility, Conceptualization, Preliminary design, Detailed design, and Final design

MCI provides a wide range of services, mainly in planning, design, construction supervision, maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructure. In particular company’s expert engineers provide all steps of engineering design process. These steps consist of; Research, Design requirements, Feasibility, Preliminary design, Detailed design, and Final design.

(P-E) Maintenance, Rehabilitation Programs
Advanced / Innovative Approaches for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Planning

Advanced and innovative approaches are adopted not only in selection of design methods for new pavement, but also in maintenance treatments and intervention programs. These advance and innovative planning approaches are covering all of the following aspects:

• Sustainability (natural resources involved, carbon footprint, energy embedded);
• Material appropriate selection related to site characteristics and availabilities;
• Functional characteristics (friction, noise, vibrations, etc.);
• Construction and maintenance costs;
• Special pavements and markings;
• Performances and durability;
• Life cycle analysis (LCA);
• Structural analysis;
• Productivity.

Continues urge of searching for innovation and keeping the knowledge up to date is one of the remarkable characteristics of the company. In this regard, our engineers are experts in related software programs such as; Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements (Superpave), developed by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), and Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement and Design Guide (MEPDG), implemented by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP).

(P-E) Survey design
Survey design and result assessment

MCI designs in situ surveys and laboratory tests before, during and at the end of works or to assess conditions of existing infrastrucures. MCI supports companies and advises them in performing those tests.
MCI analyses results and do all the required assessments.

Materials, products, systems and services for the pavements, which are used during production, transportation and installation, developed and established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

(P-E) Construction Supervision
Construction Supervision, Site Management, and Health, Safety and Environmental Coordination (HSE)

Regardless of type, location or size, all contractors and clients want their projects to be completed safely, on time and within the budget. Construction supervision is responsible for the proper execution of construction work. It ensures that the work to be done is carried out on time, in high quality and cost-effectively. In addition, safety, health and environmental protection are to be guaranteed. MCI performs supervision on behalf of the client as well as contractor. This activity can be applied to the entire steps of the project or to partial technical parts with specialized expert engineers. MCI offers supervision and quality control services for various types of infrastructure projects: roads, railways, airports, bridges and tunnels. In the following MCI’s monitoring activities are listed;

• Planning and design monitoring;
• Compliance assessment of construction with approvals, standards, contracts, and design;
• Continuous monitoring of construction impact factors (quality, schedule and budget);
• Preparation, evaluation, controlling and updating of construction schedules;
• Communication and coordination with third parties involved in the project;
• Technical and legal advice, and consultancy support;
• Cost analysis and budget control.

(A&C) Disputes Technical Support
Disputes Technical Support in Civil, Criminal Law and Administrative

MCI provides technical supports in all kind of disputes which occur during design, execution or even utilization phase of transport infrastructures. Many technical supports referring to civil, criminal law and administrative disputes have been performed by MCI during these years. In the following some of the main topics are provided;

Main topics:
Disputes between road contractors and agencies for economic issues
Disputes about quantity of materials to be excavated from quarries
Failing of contractors: technical/economical evaluation of assets
Disputes between road contractors and insurance companies
Disputes about degradation of parking lots

Main topics:
Not authorized road access in protected areas
Road accidents involving pedestrians/bikers
Road accidents involving road geometry
Road accidents involving safety barriers
Railway accidents due to derailment
Illegal excavation from quarries
Tram accidents

Main topics:
Dispute during competition phase about railway profile and geometry
Dispute during competition phase about road and airport projects

(A&C) Risk Assessment
Road Safety, Related Risk Assessment, Developing Risk Mitigation / Possible Solutions

• Identifying the risks (Assessing risk/opportunity condition)
• Analyzing the risks (Evaluating the likelihood of hazard, impact, and ability to have complex influence)
• Evaluating the risks (Interaction between hazard, vulnerability and exposure)
• Treating the risks (Risk mitigation / Possible solutions / Emergency plans)
• Monitor and review (Continues monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of solutions)

(A&C) Technical Tender Application
Call for Tenders, advisory and consultancy

Calls for tenders are procedures applied to generate offers from companies competing for works, supply or service contracts in the framework of public procurement. In this regard, MCI provides support for enterprises during preparation to apply for technical tender offers and improve their application to meet the requirements. Furthermore, MCI's consultants support companies to improve their application proposals by providing technical consultancy in all related topics for each specific tender competition.

(A&C) Technical Consultant Support
Technical consultant supports, in all phases of project. Pre-design, design, construction supervision, maintenance and monitoring.

One of the main challenges for the companies during a project is to increase the productivity. Nowadays infrastructure projects are getting larger, riskier and even more complex. These large-scale projects have limited budget resources available. Therefore, delivering projects on time, on budget can respect both contractor and client needs. in this regard, to ensure the best outcome out of a project, experts with sufficient knowledge and experiences are needed. MCI has a wide network of highly qualified consultants, who give supports in all phases of project; pre-design, design, execution, construction supervision, maintenance and monitoring. Company's consultants provide effective leadership, and valuable partnership throughout the duration of the project.

(T-I) Intelligent Transport Technologies
Intelligent Transport Technologies (ITT) and Smart Roads Design

• Preliminary, final and detailed design of smart roads;
• Preliminary, final and detailed design of traffic enforcement systems;
• Financial models for the development of traffic enforcement systems;
• Preliminary, final and detailed design of surveillance camera network;
• Consulting (project design, financial model, legal registration).

(T-I) Innovative Materials / Mix Design
Innovative Technology Knowledge about Project and Construction Methods for Pavements

• Recycling of used materials into new pavement (such as RAP, C&D, etc.)
• Semi-rigid pavements including cement in-situ stabilizations;
• High performance asphalt with polymers and fibers;
• Foamed or emulsion-based stabilization in-situ;
• Pavements with anti-pollution asphalt concrete;
• Pavements with fiber-reinforced concrete;
• Optimized compaction methods;
• Cement-bituminous pavements;
• Multifunctional pavements;
• Warm mix asphalts.

(T-I) Pavement Management System
Development of pavement management systems (PMS) both for airports and roads.

One of the main concerns in transport infrastructure projects is pavement sustainability. In this regard it is needed that a pavement management system (PMS) get selected. PMS helps to emphasize on pavement construction, preservation, maintenance and also pavement life-cycle cost analysis. It is a useful tool for operators and managers to provide a systematic and objective method for pavement condition evaluation, maintenance planning decisions and budget allocation.

(A&C) Vehicle Fleet Management
Vehicle Fleet Management Consulting

From small to mid-sized and even huge construction projects, the amount of time devoted to fleet management can be different, but as a mutual characteristic between all project scales this amount of time can lead to exceeding the project’s due time. MCI’s experts conduct a comprehensive analysis on all aspects of your construction project (costs, location, deadlines, materials, etc.). Furthermore, parallel cost analysis would be performed also on the project existing car rental and fleet solutions. As initial result, experts would come up with precise solutions on how to cut extra costs and improve the workflow and finally compute the right measures for project’s vehicle fleet. The MCI’s solution strategies adapt your company's fleet structure to suit the fast-changing trend of your project’s needs.

• Performing fleet management analysis for all small, medium and big-sized construction projects;
• Communication with related rental / vendors of vehicle fleet;
• Ordering of vehicles for clients and contractors from best-matched suppliers;
• Technical consultancy and intervention in dispute related to the contracts between both-sides parties;
• Performance of analysis in order to reducing / optimizing the costs of your mobility;
• Continuous searching for areas with cost-savings potential.

(A&C) Patent Development Support
Innovation Technologies Development, Patent Registration Support

MCI provides technical supports for enterprises in order to develop their innovation technologies achievement and register them as patents. Not only. MCI tself is in the process of develping patents on new innovation technologies which have been achieved during ages.

(A&C) Strategic Consulting
Strategic Consulting, Due Diligence, Technical Investigation

Technical due diligence consultancy for the merger / acquisition, management and financing of infrastructural assets, evaluating their operational potential, maintenance requirements, necessities and opportunities of development, tariff aspects, operational risks, on the short, medium and long term. Engineering investigations aimed at identifying the risks on financing and guarantees requested by contractors on specific projects.

(R&D) Road Safety

MCI provides support in road safety field. Services provided are
- safety assessment and audit,
- risk assessment,
- analysis of different solutions to improve safety and mitigate the risks.
Support is given to individuals, agencies and contractors in case of disputes (civil, criminal and administrative) concerning road safety.
MCI also provides studies for road authorities to carry out safety programs.

(A&C) Airports

Basing on deep and long experience in airports, MCI is the perfect partner for Airport Agencies/Managers and for Contractors to face all type of problems and issues, looking for optimal solutions. Services concern:
- feasibility studies able to reduce costs, time and interferences with operations;
- full design (pavements, resa and strips area, civil, hydraulics, electrical and mechanical plants, AVL, aeronautical aspects, geometries, etc);
- risk assessment;
- masterplan;
- supervision of works;
- project review;
- solutions able to reduce maintenance costs;
- pavements Maintenance&Rehabilitation (Airport Pavement Management Systems, treatments selection, material specifications, LCA, design, economical analysis, sustainability, Etc.)
- new materials and construction technics, even in challenging conditions;
- M&R and Construction time scheduling review and minimization;
- runway elongation;
- review and re-design of airport infrastructures geometries (Rwys, Taxiways, etc);
- specific solutions for AVL plants;
- conversion to LED technologies;
- support to tenders;
- best equipments and costruction methods for optimal works (increasing productivity and reducing costs).