About Us

MCI Infrastructures Engineering S.r.l. is a private engineering company that operates in the field of Civil Engineering, by concentrating mainly on transport Infrastructures. (airports assets, flexible and rigid pavements, rehabilitation of existing works, etc.). The activities of the company concern the entire development of civil works, from feasibility through design, implementation.... learn more

The main activities that are being carried out by the company:

  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of existing infrastructures;
  • All the levels which design for assets;
  • Mix design of innovative materials;
  • Technical support for tenders;
  • Technical consultant support;
  • Tribunal technical support.



MCI closely works with a wide range of clients across public / private sectors and local / national / international environments. Company’s clients list speaks for itself. Organizations of all shapes and sizes across all transport infrastructure sections, although the majority of them are large national organizations. Below you can find some of MCI’s major clients.

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Via Marcello Pucci, 6 - 20145 Milano, Italia

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Tel. +39 02 3451387